Akha song

  It is believed that culture is the basis of society. Variety means stability. Morality and the law of nature are ways to a good life.
The Hilltribe.org Project has set up an Akha singing contest in the “Lo Ching Cha” festival at San Jai Mai village, Mae Salong Nai sub-district, Mae Pha Loung district, Chiang Rai in September 3-4, 2005. The winner of this competition was Aya or Mr. Sapakij Jutong.
That was the beginning of the album “Ah Due Akha” that reflects Akha’s original history, realization of their origin, and the pride of their unique culture. Difficulty does not mean impossibility. However, there was also a lot of fun.

We have to admit that the beginning of the album production was very difficult. This is because our team was not skillful in the technology used in producing albums. Therefore, we had to constantly improve the work.
We were very glad that this album was finally finished. In addition, we have learned a lot of things about the production of an album. This album has included 10 songs:

1. "Ou Doo Tong Mah " is Akha greeting. It means "hello ". This song is about the brotherhood of Ahka people as it is said in an Ahka proverb "Akha che ka teeka ".
2. "cheu " is the name of the song and is also a word used to call Akha ancestors. This word can identify more than 60 family lines of Akha people.
3. "Balah "means "month ". With their traditional wisdom, Akha people tell their history of their festivals, the traditional rituals, the traditional plays, and their way of life since the beginning until today.
4. The north and south of Akha community, the directions of the entrance and the exit for Akha people, has a symbol of a so called "Loh Kong " which means the village gate which has the power to protect the Akha community within.
5. "Mai Loh Tae Chon " (ugly and poor man) is a song that is filled of word plays.
The artist said that the confusion of words is bearable but the confusion of love is hard to bear. The song perfectly expresses love, poverty, and disappointment of a man's life.

    6. "Lah Cher " (a name of a swing) used in the "Lo Ching Cha " ritual (swaying a swing) is the symbol of Akha lady-hood. This song is about Akha lovers who make a promise in the ritual that they will love for eternity. Unfortunately, the girl leaves her lover alone and the boy is very sad.
7. The seventh song is about an Akha girl who leaves her remote hometown to be a prostitute in the city. She is the only hope for the family and so she sends some money to her father and mother every time she earns money. Unfortunately, she is affected with HIV in the result of being a prostitute. This song is to warn the girls about the great harm of the HIV disease and of being a prostitute.

8. The eighth song is about impetuousness and unconsciousness of teenagers. This song is to warn the teenagers to realize about the danger of HIV.
9. The ninth song talks about the Akha culture and how much Akha people love their culture. The artist says that as technology begins to play a larger role in Akha life, Akha tradition and culture may become extinct. Therefore, the artist asks Akha people to continuously learn and reserve their own culture so that it will not fade away.

10. The last song is about the Akha children who are innocent and inexperienced as a little bird learning to fly. In the growing process, children have to learn a lot of things in the world in order to become adults.

Demo Songs

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