Doi Laan village

The voice rings from the bus, this is the warning for the passenger to get on the bus. The bus will go to Baan DoiLaan, the village located on the hill.

The way to go to DoiLaan is a dirt road. In the rainy season, it is very difficult to travel because the road becomes very slippery. The villagers solve this problem by putting a chain under the bus's wheel to cling on the road when they go up hill. In summer, the dust blows up in a cloud when a car runs past, but the villagers are familiar with traveling on this road.

DoiLaan is a small village, located on a hill and surrounded by forest. In the forest is a big tree more than a hundred years of the age. This village is peaceful. The people in the village have 3 tribes: Lisu, Akha and Hor (a hill tribe who emigrated from China). The occupation is agriculture, for example tomato plants, rice, red beans and coffee. The coffee is famous and there is a resort for tourists.

When dusk is passed, the wind blows coldly in the silent night. The villagers stay in their house and light a fire for warmth. I'm a stranger in this village because I do not understand what are they talking about but they pass a glass of hot tea to me. This is the villager's symbol of kindness to guests who come to visit their village.

  The villagers still practice their old traditions and culture and will continue to practice them seriously from generation to generation. The villagers still wear the tribe's clothes everyday even when they go to town.

At the present moment, many villages are decreasing the importance of tradition and the root of themselves, and if the community is weak, they will lose their own traditions. As a village, they have a strong traditional practice to maintain.