The image of the hill tribe people.
   "Teacher, What about the hill tribe people?" a student raised a question.
   "Hill tribe people are the ethnic minorities who live in Thailand, like the Akha, Lisu, Karen, Lahu, Mien, Hmong, Lua, Shan and Hor. They are divided into separate tribes because they have different traditions, cultures, languages and clothes", the teacher answered.     "Why don't the hill tribes take showers?" came another question from the children. "How do you know they do not take showers?" the teacher replied.
    "I saw it in the movies". When this child answered the question all of the children laughed.
     "Listen to me. In the movies, the producer created a funny but the true, the hill tribe people take a shower the same us"
 From this case, the social remiss to intend or not to create the hill tribe's image. The results that show to the public make some people in the social misunderstand. This is a big problem. It will have accused and ask the money from the producer if happen in the development country. In this case the hill tribe people could not resist having fairness.
The producer takes a weakness of hill tribe to make a money like the tone of hill tribe people not clear when they talk, mix the clothes from many tribe to be a stranger tribe: Akha shirt but wear Hmong skirt etc, a clown man to make the people who see the movies laughing. They do not interested that will affect with the hill tribe people. The people who saw the movies, they believe that is the real and ridicule the hill tribe such as the language but when the foreigners speak Thai language not clears but turn is cute
 Thai is the land of smiley but in many cases use an inferiority complex of the people to ridicule with out interested the feeling of the people who has affects like crippled person, mad person, and the hill tribe language weakness. Why Thai social ridicule the people who not the same, make it be a joke. Have many people who have experience about this and could not control them self, get angry or break down friend's relationship. If who has an inferiority complex and has some people ridicule, how you feel, has no one laugh in this situation. Anyone could understand each other, everything will be better.
    If we to be interested the things around us, we will see many case is a delicate if we do not careful, we will make a problem. It is high time to think about other people who live in the same social. The first from your close people and increase to the people in the social, you will see many problems ready to break out.