Community in the globalization: Change or adaptation

    In the communication go to forward, the world will be a smaller as a globalization communication, the Thai society will be 3G era. Thai people some group they concerned about the culture will change and the new generation will forgot the own culture.

In the rural area, around by the mountain in Thai border, it not be able to runaway from the communicate in globalization brand try to show that this community is the part of the globalization also. Hill tribe people concern that the community will lost the old culture because the globalization. Because of the pictures from the city deceive them everyday and still come around like the younger wear the shirt like an underwear shirt and walk around the shopping mall, use the mobile phone to chat with friends. The villagers to be afraid of it will have in they village.

The telephone booths beside the late rite road, an artificial satellite beside the bamboo hut it seems contradict but consistent. The picture of the hill tribe people use the internet, a mobile phone or the way of living or action of the teenager in the community change it make the villager feel apprehensive because of the picture of the teenager and the changing from the city to spook them all the time.

Is it right, that the village will change and to come into trend with the globalization? Is it right that capitalism will give them the same or look like the people who live oversea or in the city? If we are consider, we will see that the village not allow the trend of the globalization to pound repeatedly one way but in many time we see that the villager use that trend to carry the own culture to exchange or shown the own way and the culture to the world to know that who they are, what about them life and in many time that the villager use this trend and the communication technology to counter the globalization that has a worsen and the fail of the globalization from above and the globalization call them self is the globalization from below that has many varied of the people, varied of thinking.

     If the people in the village think like this, the thing that the people afraid maybe it just to be anxious. The community has a dynamic; the globalization can not blow the thing that the community has gone with the wind. The villager will build the ship and use this trend to ride the waves for carrying the own culture, a dream and the problem that they face to other people or the other communities and intend to the social that they would like to have.

     The culture those break up by the globalization because all of that culture do not have rooted to help or that culture have a strong root and strong trunk that can not stand against the storm but the community culture is a grasses that can flow with the wind even a big storm but not uproot all of them, another way will flow the seeds of culture to distribute in worldwide.

     Maybe the villagers do not come into the globalization to blow it disappear and will be the part of the globalization, to be the consume of capitalism but they are build the own globalization, the globalization from below and from the globalization resource.