The right and the equality in the social

Teacher, I lost my wallet and all the importance documents The voice from the student in the class.

Why you not go to an advertisement, because it is importance when you will go to get a new document like an identity card from the public service The teacher gives suggestion.

I went there already but the police man ask me Im Thai or the hill tribe people I reply them Im the hill tribe When the police man hear, he reject everything that I advertisement. Im very confused because I do not have a right the same Thai people but I have a Thai citizenship means Im Thai citizen also. The police man asks me to go to have an advertisement in the police station that the place I was born, although my wallet lost in Chiangrai town.

This is the case of the hill tribe people who do not have a basic human right. It has many cases about this like the right to travel by the public car, the right of ownership to the land, the right to contact with the authority, the right for a treat or healthy in the hospital, the right to get a money when resign from the work from the social security, the nationality, the right to apply a job, the right to has an education even through the hill tribe language, also include the hill tribe people who do not have a knowledge to use the public service even the laws. It seems like the governors do not interested, it to be an inferiority complex of the hill tribe people even though do not have divide complexion until King Chulalongkorn left.

Nowadays, the hill tribe or the ethnics group in Thailand do not have the right principle in the society. The society makes a frame or a standard for the hill tribe. When this frame will go? How long it will be? It seem like a little thing for the people in the city but it is a big problem for the hill tribe people because they do not have the right principle.

In this case if you are a member of the hill tribe, how you can help to solve this problem? You have an education but do not have money, you have a renown but do not have a council who has a power in the society.

How long the hill tribe will suffer this problem?