A displace person : Karenni in Maehongsorn

The karenni or who know in red Karen. This people immigrant from Burma because the conflict between Karenni state and Burma regime. This group establishes in the Diaspora Community more than 10 years and give born the next generation to stay in Thailand in many generation.

Mr. Bandit Kraivichit, The researcher, he research on displace person: Karenni who immigrant to live in Maesongsorn province, Thailand. He would like to share his experience and the thing that he used to live in the Karenni refugee camp at Maehongsorn around 2 years; would like to let the society know about the culture, life and living in refugee camp. It will be the reflection to the people outsider know about the problem that the displace person face because they do not know the position and the situation about their life in Thailand.

In the first job that he work, he work with the organization who protect the wildlife in Kanchanaburi province and met many people who fled from the refugee camp to live in the town because of they living. They move to stay at the Thai Burma border.
He explained about his experience from the refugee camp Karenni have a many different and various name to call. Karennni have 11 groups and mostly live in Maehongsorn, the northern of Thailand and in the northeast of Burma. They call them self Kaya who live on the mountains and steep around 40 a degree from the ground. They have a small ground to play football or to have importance activities. The refugee camp in Maehongsorn close to the Burma border around 2 Kilometers so these areas have a fighting and conflict also. In refugee camp has a shelter. In other way Mr.Bandit has a chance to go to see the jail in the refugee camp. This jail very strict like if someone would like to go to see inside, the authorities will knock a bamboo lumber, around 5-15 minute, A jailer will take all the accused to the cage and then the visitor can walk through to the jail, this is the rule of this Jail.

They have a small level ground to play football
or to have importance activities

The big problem in the refugee camp is the elder in the camp have to live alone. They have foods from the neighboring give some food, some case they can not do anything just lay down all day and night because they getting old thus they have a sore. Other problem is usually the women who live in the camp has a victim from her husband. They can not divorced if they did not following the Christian way of living, That why the karenni women have a victim from their husband. In general all the people will know they are a couple. The harm is a normal thing that happens in every couple.

In the refugee camp in 1996 has 5000 people who live there and now 15000 people. In the refugee camp at Tak province has around ten thousand regufee live there. They have a family in the camp. The person who can leave from the camp is a younger because they can solve the problem by them self, thus in Maehongsorn on Sunday has many refugees from the camp come to travel in the town, it make a trade or business get better. The relationship between the refugee and Thai people is best because they help each other. Thai people employ the worker from the refugee camp very low cost and the refugee has one way to get income from their work. They come to work in town because in the camp have nothing to do or to find the way to attend training that has some group to give, the training in the refugee camp very importance for them because they can learning the culture each other, have a chance to meet the foreigner and practice English language. This is the way for the refugee can show an to improve their skill for when they leave from the camp.

Now, Karenni or red Karen has a confuse about they life because they has suffer, press, to struggle for they life, they can not be apart of karenni state in Burma or they can not to be apart of a displace community in Thailand although they can not go back homeland in karenni state, Burma. They know them self that has to go but do not know the directly way to go.

Knock the bamboo lumber before go to the jail. Under the jail is to feeding a pig


1. More information form the thesis displace : Karenni who live in Maehonngsorn, Thailand by Bandit Kraivichit, The Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology

2. This picture take by Mr. Bandit Kraivichit, the researcher.
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