The life after raining

In the rainy season have the thunder and the hurricanes. When stay alone it very dangerous and scary in the dark room and just has the thunder all the area. The weakness will in mind and tears to run but I told my mind it will be alright. After, the sky will bright and then many peoples under the blanket will go to see everything around there place that to be damage by the storm. Even though the storm pass but will gave the clue behind and impress the people who has effect from the storm.

When I'm as a child, the older tell us when the rains pass; the sky will be blue sky, clear and clean. It is true because they are the older and met it before.

My parents to enfold me, It safety. I remember the thing that my parents to do with me always. They told me when I make a mistake, even though I wear the wrong shore, wear the wrong shirt. It in my memory. Sometime they told me don't hurriedly because the road in the village is rugged, will fall. My house in the suburb that the villagers in the city call “rural area” that I'm agreeing because the electricity come to my village around I'm 4 years. My grandma took me to go to the village that has the electricity, I'm very exciting. It a wonder for the rural people. In that year my parents to get some money go to the electricity office and inform them that we want to use the electric. The authorities come to put up the electric, my family have the electric to use until now.

My parents they are Hmong. My mother she could not speak Thai because she didn't have a chance to study Thai language. My farther he finish the primary school, he could read and write. When I go to school my farther to take and support me. Every evening, my farther will teach me to read and write Thai laguage because he would like e to have the knowledge. I wonder for Thai alphabet because I never see it and my parents never teach me to speak Thai. Every time when I go to school I could not understand that the teacher teaches in the class because I don't know how. I can respond the teacher if they ask the question in my language, but I don't have a good reason to quit Thai school. I try to understand all Thai alphabet and for a while I can make my farther dream come true, I could read and write even I don't know why I study?

When I got a pustule disease on my arm, for a while I couldn't walk. I don't know have something wrong with me. I went to the hospital and operate and go back to stay in my house and didn't go to study for one year. When I get well I to go to study again but for a while because my parents divorce and my farther has a wife. My mother very sad and suicide them self but she still alive. At that time I don't know anything but I cry all the time. When my farther know the story, he come to the house and hit my mother before go to the hospital. I go to watch my mother every day. My farther very happy because he has a wife, at that time I swear that I don't want to marry with the man who never falling in love me.

The times blow everything from me fast like I just wake up from my dream but the true since 20 years ago.

Today, I am graduate. Everyone must see the people who are selfish.