Culture and the Hilltribe Changes

     When I was a boy, my friends and I used to wear new clothes to flaunt with each other when there was a marriage ceremony or New Yearís ceremony. My clothes were very old and torn but I still wore them because they were cool. When I was hungry, I ate near the houses or with people I knew. Greeting, chatting and smiling was my charm.

      When I went on to grade 2 I left home to study.† I was compelled to go and I came back home no more than 10% of the time. I missed the loving relationships that I was once touched with but now it the feeling is gone, I didnít thinking of anyone even though everyone at our new home used to tease us. The loveliness and pureness from our hilltribe was gone. Sometimes I would meet my neighbor. I didnít greet him or touch his hand. I didnít dare to speak my own language, wear my conservative clothes, or show that I was from a hilltribe. It was obvious for others to see where I came from because of many things such as they way Iíd greet others, my accent, and some of my words. I tell this now because time has taught me that I am a truly part of the hilltribe and I accept it.

     The day I realized this for myself came when a woman, whom I love, became my friend. Her reason was that she wanted to know more about hilltribe life. From that day on I looked back on myself and change. I began to talk in my own language and when I had the chance I would join in the activities of my tribe like school sports day and other events. I began to write my tribe alphabet which I forget for a while, sing my tribe song, listen to my tribeís history, and watch the tribe folk in their wisdom like an old assisted baby, work in the fields or practice musical instruments which ow have almost disappeared. When there are ceremonies in the village, I always join in because I want to be someone who inherits tradition, culture, and all the good things for the next generation.

      I donít want to compel anyone but I will be a model to them. Even energetic teenagers like me will change a lot but I believe that good things will control them to be good men and allow them to realize that they are valuable and meaningful.
I greatly hope that the changes which have happened will create more advantage than disadvantage. Adaptation can be positive but we canít forget where we stand and the reasons why we need to preserve our own tribe for eternity.