Hilltribe tours to the Lahu villages

      The virtual hill tribe team tours / ed along the hill tribe villages around Chiang Rai and ChiangMai provinces. This time our team visited the original Lahu villages. The villages are located in the rural area – they do not have the electricity and are settled up on the hills close to Burma. They do not have issues regarding the living and them life. They can live with the nature, and they pass on the way of living from generations to generations and also reach to his Majesty words “sufficiently economic”. They accept the modern technologies and are adaptive to the changes brought about by modernizations in their daily lives.

      The aim of this travel was to carry out a campaign and to promote the way of Lahu living, and the traditions that they practice. Through this campaign, we hope to encourage them to be proud of their unique way of living and to pass on their knowledge to the new generations as their traditions and cultures are constantly challenged by changes brought about by modernization. These include the introduction of mass media such as television, radios, and mobile phone into the villages. 

      There were many concerns raised regarding children in the Lahu villages who are below ten years old as their parents do not educate and pass on the traditional Lahu knowledge to them. This may result in the eventual loss of the Lahu traditions and cultures. In every village that we went, there were many children interested in watching the documentaries and interactive with us. I wondered because the Lahu children appeared very shy as compared to the Akha children, and was more reserved when it comes to participating in the interactive.  

            The hill tribe people are still practicing their traditions despite the introduction of external influences into the villages. One of the practices that they still hold strongly to is their respect for their parents and ancestors. Over the years, they change their way of living and become more exceptive towards modernization than they used to be in the past. In spite of the changes in their lifestyle, the Lahu people still practice and pass on the traditions and their way of living to the next generation.