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Study camp, the way of Akha living

The girl from Baan nana (Childlifemaesai) come to learn the way of Akha living such as the cultural, traditional in Apha, Akha village. The girls try to weaving by the weaving machine that made from inventory can find around the village. The process to make the weaving machine is very difficult because have the detail like use many pieces of wood to make a weaving machine, mix the strings together, etc.

This study camp has 15 children from Baan nana, all of the children they live together in the Akha village, go to the farm, fields, trekking, and catch a fish, crab from the creek like the way of this village living. They learn and have knowledge about the Akha living, help each other event in the village does not have the electric machine to make them conveniences the same live in the city but them happy in this way.

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