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Jakue court of Lahu Sealae

When we walk through the Lahu Sealae village. We will see a large court near Phoo Jarn or Gaelupha house (the religious leader). These courts call Laan Jakue or Jakuegue (Lahu saelae language). This place is a holy of the Lahu village, do not has fighting, do not bring intoxicating drinking in to Jakue court or can not do anything that will make an insult the place because the Lahu people used this place to be the exchange, to pass on knowledge about Jakue dancing and the cultural of Lahu saelae to the next generation. We to be able to see Jakue dancing in the court when in the village has a festival like ginwor, eating new rice, offering the food to the monk, to propitiate a ghost who protect the village by a sacrifice.

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