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Chaemue is a tree that the Lahu Saelae choose to respresent their life and grow for the community. The villagers choose a tree that is upright and has grown perfectly. The Lahu have a big ceremony once a year.
The cultural leader “Phoo Jarn” leads the ceremony. If a village’s tree has died, the village will choose another tree around the same area. Because it is the village’s tree, the villagers don’t insult or cut this tree or other trees around this place. Those who insult the tree will die. The character of the tree that the village chooses to be a Chaemue for the village will be given many offerings by the villagers, because every Buddhist holy day the villagers have a ceremony and fence in around the tree.
When the tree grows up, the Lahu Saelae will choose another to be the village’s tree. This ceremony also ensures the continued conservation of the forest of the Lahu Saelae.

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