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“MeeJa” in Akha language mean firewood. This word has a meaning for Akha people who live on the hill because Meeja or firewood important for the hilltribe people when they cook because they do not use acetylene gas, other way it can protect the cold weather, give warming for the people who live on the mountain, they used Meeja since they wake up till to sleep like they start to make a bonfires after they wake up, noon they start to make a bonfires in the field, in the evening also. That why Meeja is important for the hilltribe people.

We can go to take Meeja from the forest everyday but in once a week on Tiger day and Yor day can not go to take the Firewood or Meeja from the forest because the Akha people believe that day is the day break off the person who builds the universe.
The Akha people will choose the tree do not have a green leaf, this is the technical to protect the forest, the villager will choose the firewood that dry and becoming a firewood.

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