A The way of life in the Year

Lisu community is agriculture, have a plantation in the hill. The Lisu have many ceremonies but have an interval. When the Lisu have a ceremony, they will help each other and take for respect such as a cremation, the wedding or in each family ceremony. Agriculture have a time table because has a specific time. Now Lisu mix a farm like fruits with coffee such as other an occupation.

The way of living
A Tradition
January - February
To clear undergrowth by burn
New Year ceremony (KohSeYee)
March - April
Start to do a farm
Repair the shrine ceremony.
May - June
Plants a corn , rice and vegetable and start to harvest the produce , vegetables.
Merit ceremony.
July - August
Mow the grasses in the farm and harvest the produce.
Thank given the god.
September - October
Mow the grasses again for planting the second time.
October- November
Harvest the rice and the other produce from the farm.
December- January
Harvest and find other place for planting and start to weaving, sew the clothes for new clothes. Prepare equipment for New Years Ceremony.